Blank Stare
Blank Stare
First month for one dollar

Do You Feel the Cash
Slipping Out Of Your Pocket
When You See Those Blank Stares? …

… Now, Discover How To Stop This From Happening, Boost Your Success, Give You Happier Patients, Increase Your Referrals, and Be Supported the Whole Way!, With No-Risk!


Dear Fellow Occlusion-Focused Dentist,

Dr. Don Reid

Dr. Don Reid is the dentist behind BiteFX who transformed his practice by learning how to explain occlusion successfully to his patients, has helped hundreds of other dentists achieve the same success and now teaches regularly on occlusion-related topics.

Have you ever tried explaining occlusion to a patient only to have them give you that look that makes you wonder if you were speaking a foreign language? That used to be a regular experience for me and I still recall that sinking feeling in my stomach as I braced myself for the coming rejection of the occlusal-based treatment plan I had just presented.

My first concern was that the patient was going to reject the treatment that I knew was best for them. Getting their occlusion right was critical. Why couldn't they see it?

However, we're all in business to make a living so I couldn't help thinking that the revenue I had been counting on – often many thousands of dollars – was slipping through my fingers. I'm sure you know the rest of the thoughts that follow …

… Will the overhead still be covered for the month?

… What will the staff think of my inability to secure this case?

… Who will I find to fill my schedule?

… and, worst of all, now that the patient doesn't understand me, will they ever trust me again?

The good news is that I, and hundreds of other dentists who have used BiteFX, NO LONGER GET THOSE BLANK STARES!

Can you imagine the relief I felt when those blank stares started to go away with each new animation we created?

Would you like to approach your occlusal-based treatment plans with the same confidence I feel?

Knowing that your patients are going to understand their occlusal problems AND take ownership of them?

It's awesome!! – and, it makes me excited to go into the office each day.

No more fear of rejection clouding the start of my days.

What I'm going to describe here is how you can have that same blank-stare-eliminating experience

… and how I discovered that it's not just the animations that make the difference …

… but a few other relational tools that we'll help you learn.

Read on to appreciate all you're going to receive, why we can guarantee the results, and, for a limited time, how you can get started with BiteFX for only $1.

When a Moving Picture Makes All the Difference

A sketch
A quick sketch
Dental Model AbNormal Jaw at Rest
A basic occlusion explanation tool

When I thought about creating occlusion animations, I already had most of the treatment presentation skills you need.

I also had reasonable visual aids like the TMJ Tutor, a model skull, and my quick-drawing ability.

These brought me some success but there were still too many times that I met a brick wall.

I could use my best persuasive talents BUT when the patient clearly wasn't getting what I was explaining (and didn't have a track record with me on which to base blind trust) there was no winning.

Not a happy state. Sad Face

However, I found that when I replaced the out-dated tools with the new 3D animations – bingo! The lights went on.

Protrusive Guidance
Effects of lack of canine guidance

Within seconds patients were nodding and understanding my points completely.

They started making comments like:

"That's obvious!"

"Isn't this a fairly simple principle?"

"Why is it that I haven't been shown this before?"

Once they understood the occlusion principles behind my treatment plan the brick wall was removed. I knew how to help them through their other concerns of fear, time or money (and I'll teach you to handle those concerns if you don't already know).

So, if you're in the same situation I was, you're going to slot BiteFX in place of your old tools and celebrate your increased success and time saved!

"One of the best tutorials I've seen for explaining occlusal disease to patients. The reasons for occlusal therapy are explained with excellent animations and anatomic accuracy."

Peter Dawson DDS, Dawson Academy

"In the time it used to take me to get my skull and other bits out, I've explained the concepts using BiteFX."

Floyd Skarky DDS, Oklahoma City, OK

When a Moving Picture is NOT Enough

Much as I would like to say "Use the BiteFX animations and all your troubles will be over", that wouldn't be true.

I realize that:

BiteFX - Helping connect you with your patients
BiteFX - Helping connect you with your patients
  • Not everyone has learned the skills my mentors have given me over the years
  • Not everyone will pick up BiteFX in minutes (despite its highly usable design).
  • Not everyone has a steady stream of good candidates for occlusion-based treatments.
  • Not everyone knows how to bring their staff onboard with occlusion-based dentistry.
  • Not everyone has taken the plunge of applying the principles they have learned from the likes of Dawson, Pankey, Spear and Kois.

Whatever your starting point, you don't want to be left naked in front of your patients!

That's why we have created the BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle support system. We make sure you have all the tools you need to grow (or build) a successful occlusion-based practice.

We've put so much into this system that even if you're ready to start running with BiteFX tomorrow, you'll want to join to make sure you can reap all the benefits and take advantage of all the tips, marketing materials, products, and discounts.

"I use the BiteFX program to illustrate articular disk disorders and occlusal disorders to patients several times a week and find that the visual illustrations concretely communicate these problems to my patients, increasing their understanding these problems, and opening a much greater percentage of these patients to accepting corrective treatment."

Jeff Dahm DDS, Pella, Iowa

"Using BiteFX resulted in at least a 10 to 15% increase in practice revenues."

Fred Peck DDS, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Using BiteFX my dentist showed me how my lower jaw was designed to be in a different position. I immediately scheduled for a full mouth of much needed cosmetic dentistry."

Barbara Harwin, Patient

So, What IS In the BiteFX Platinum Package?

It's Actually a Combination of 9 Elements …

Overall, it's the best set of tools, techniques, tips and technologies that we've been able to assemble and which have propelled me to achieving around 90% treatment acceptance rates and a highly profitable practice with 3 staff and at which I work 3 days a week.

Joining the BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle enters you into a support system that makes sure you are "fully clothed", ready to present yourself before your patients:

Recent animation update - tongue thrust
Recent animation update - tongue thrust
  1. Helps you get started – so your software doesn't lie idle.
  2. Helps your staff see the benefits of occlusion and BiteFX so they support you and can do introductory presentations themselves, preparing the patients to accept your plans
  3. Provides you with ongoing support in the form of articles, newsletters, webinars, further coaching so that your effectiveness continues to grow
  4. Provides monthly animation updates that expand the range of topics covered and helps you explain more treatments that may have been fuzzy to patients
  5. Provides monthly marketing tools so that you can build your business beyond where you are today
  6. Keeps up-to-date with operating system and hardware changes so you don't have to worry about relying on software that will go away some time in the future
  7. Gives access to other products that can improve the quality and efficiency of your occlusion-based treatments
  8. Gives discounts on training on presenting cases effectively

You're going to find this package will save you thousands in opportunities that are no longer lost, time saved and product discounts.

Many BiteFX customers report that it boosts their revenues by 15% or more.

Like me you will probably wonder why we are giving it away at such a low price!

The specific elements that make up our Platinum Members' package are (I'll let you know about the Basic and Gold packages a bit further down):

Ad provided as a Monthly Marketing Tool
Ad provided as a "Monthly Marketing Tool"
  1. SoftwareBiteFX on Windows AND BiteFX on the iPad, with over 50 animations, over 100 photos, session reporting, and easy presentation formation.
    This is the heart of the BiteFX system. Designed to put you in the position of being the expert. Boosts patient confidence. Shows them what happens if they DON'T take action.
  2. TrainingOnline videos and articles talk you through all the features and techniques of using the software. PLUS monthly webinars that give you the latest tips, secrets and know-how to make sure you continue to maximize your effectiveness.
  3. Personal Coaching – Available on demand to walk you and your staff through BiteFX and equip you to make the best presentations. By talking you through the features and techniques of BiteFX while you are hands-on at the keyboard, our coach ensures that you master the software.
  4. Support – When you need it, we're only a phone call or email away.
  5. Marketing ToolsFree Marketing Media Kit ($150 value) that provides you with text, logo and video that you can place on your website AND monthly marketing tools that save you time and money and help you boost your practice numbers.
    You're different.
    And we know what makes you different.
    So take advantage of being part of the leading community for occlusion-focused dentists by using these tools designed specifically for dentists like you.
  6. 100% Money-back guarantee Updates – New animations based on your input that keep extending the range of topics you can discuss.
  7. Upgrades – Periodic software releases that improve your effectiveness and make sure that a new Windows or iOS release doesn't leave you stranded.
  8. 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee – Provided you take at least one of our coaching classes we'll give you a full, 100% refund of every penny you paid!

I hope you see that this is a hugely valuable package, but I'm sure you'll have some questions so let me try to answer the most likely ones now.

Some Common Questions

Why Are There No Narrations?

Communicate canine and protrusive guidance in seconds
Communicate canine and protrusive guidance in seconds
Help patients understand and see the pains caused by bruxing
Help patients understand and see the pains caused by bruxing
Give confidence in your treatment recommendations
Give confidence in your treatment recommendations

Sometimes people come to BiteFX expecting to see narrated animations. I think they want to sit the patient in front of the screen while they take care of the next patient – big mistake!

I agree that there are times when having narrated animations can be useful, but doing away with narrations was a critical element in the design of BiteFX. You'll find that it is a vital contributor to your success.

Who does the patient need to trust when it comes to accepting your treatment plan?
You, of course!

Do you want to be the expert in your patient's eyes?
Yes! Of course! … As that increases trust and the perceived value of what you deliver!

Does it make a difference how well you connect with your patient?
Absolutely! … The better they know you the more likely they'll follow your recommendations.

If you have the patient watch narrated animations, whether or not you are by their side, you are pointing to someone else as the expert, and wasting time that could be used building up trust and connection.

I look back with regret at the times I used to try to rush through patients, supposedly maximizing my productivity by maximizing the number of patients I saw each day. Maximized stress is actually what I managed to achieve!

Take the time to explain and carry the patients with you and you'll reap big dividends! BiteFX enhances those times and makes them highly efficient as patients grasp the visuals so quickly.

"I use BiteFX anytime I need to communicate with someone concerning their occlusion. I would recommend this software to any dentist who wants to make his/her life easier. It increases understanding which increases case acceptance."

Dawn Durbin DDS, Corydon, IN

Can I Just Pay One Time?

Some people tell me they don't like paying monthly, and I can see that perspective as it's another figure that appears to add to your overhead.

This would be valid if BiteFX was just a cost item; like your drill that is essential but doesn't directly bring in new revenue.

However, BiteFX is a revenue generator.

It enhances your revenue every time you use it (and successful BiteFX dentists are using it several times a day).

If it gives you one additional treatment acceptance a month, it pays for itself many times over! And that's ignoring all the bonus marketing tools and discounts included in the package!

If you pressed me for a one-time price, I would find it difficult to offer a number less than $5,000 for all you gain - $10,000 to $15,000 if you wanted a lifetime membership.

Why would you want to pay that when the membership model allows you to cancel at any time?

If BiteFX is not delivering for you (which basically means you are not using it), just cancel! I just don't see a way that BiteFX can be an overhead – it's either making money for you or you cancel.

Can't I Get More Animations From Other Vendors for the Same Price?

Yes! You can get MORE animations for less money elsewhere.

bitefx focuses on occlusion
BiteFX focuses on occlusion
  1. They only have a few (if that many) occlusion-focused animations, usually illustrating very basic concepts.
  2. The other 99 animations are about general dentistry topics, not occlusion.
  3. They are not providing all the elements you receive as a member of the BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle..... All you get is animations.

It's therefore not an accurate price comparison.

"BiteFX is the most useful tool for patient education. The animations and interface are really well designed. There are no superfluous details so that patients quickly understand the essentials. I recommend BiteFX to all my students."

Dr. Alain Aubé, President, Institut Canadien D'Occlusion (Canadian Occlusion Institute)

I Already Have Great Treatment Acceptance Rates So Why Do I Need BiteFX?

I congratulate you on your success, likely built on your reputation and past work. If you've read this far, I rather suspect you want BiteFX and just need a bit of help justifying the purchase.

I can offer you the following reasons why BiteFX is still going to be a great tool to add to your occlusion presentation armament:

Tip the balance on full-mouth reconstruction proposals by demonstrating you have unique understanding and expertise
Tip the balance on full-mouth reconstruction proposals by demonstrating you have unique understanding and expertise
  1. Your patients will really appreciate it.
    Seeing and understanding what you are proposing makes a huge difference to many patients. It's no longer a dark mystery.
    Because you've taken the time (and it only takes a few minutes) to put them in the picture greatly increases their respect for you.
  2. Consequently your patients are better able and more motivated to give you referrals.
  3. If you believe in the principle of Kaizen – continuous improvement – implemented so well in Japan, you will know that however good you think you are today, you can do better tomorrow. BiteFX can be your next 5% or 10% improvement or, more likely with all the supporting elements in the system, a continuing stream of 5% or 10% improvements.
  4. You may well be like me in presenting a few large treatment plans each month – where large means $30,000 and up.
    I frequently feel that my use of BiteFX has tipped the balance on those plans being accepted.
    BiteFX sets me apart from other dentists the patients have visited.
  5. You only need one additional large case each decade to justify BiteFX!

"I have been in practice over 30 years and with much training, it still is difficult to convince a patient what's best for them. My current process of treatment planning and presentation is extensive as it always includes occlusion. At the consultation I even include a bound treatment plan complete with photos, radiographs, explanations, and anything that is pertinent to the person I am presenting to. As you can imagine this took hours of out-of-office time. I did not use software programs because they did not give me the flexibility I needed to make a presentation pertinent to each individual.

"BiteFX has changed my life. Instead of spending hours of time, I spend less than an hour individualizing the treatment plans. And the more I have done this, the faster it goes, without cutting any corners. From my experience, it is the best thing available for case presentation. It easily allows me to get the concept and treatment of occlusion across. And with a patient's individual photos, it allows me to show them what their problem really is.

"It is easy to use, and, quite frankly the best program I have ever purchased. Thanks to the BiteFX team."

Richard A. Miller DDS – McLean, VA
Author, Beating Bad Breath

So What IS the Cost?

Providing a set of animations tailored to the community of dentists who understand occlusion, keeping them up-to-date and presented in a professional package that stays current with new versions of Windows and iPad OS is a costly business. Many have told us that the value BiteFX delivers to the dental practice means we could charge several hundred dollars a month and it would still be a bargain.

I hope that you'll agree with me that the following pricing is exceptional.

There are three different levels at which you can take advantage of BiteFX: Basic, Gold and Platinum.

Basic Membership:

  • BiteFX on Windows with regular new animations updates and free software upgrades.
  • Costs just $100 per month.

Gold Membership:

  • BiteFX on Windows with regular new animation updates and free software upgrades.
  • BiteFX on iPad with regular new animation updates and free software upgrades.
  • Online video training
  • Costs $150 per month

Platinum Membership:

  • BiteFX on Windows with regular new animation updates and free software upgrades.
  • BiteFX on iPad with regular new animation updates and free software upgrades.
  • Online video training
  • BiteFX QuickStart coaching whenever you or your staff need it
  • Unlimited technical support if/when needed
  • Monthly BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips webinars
  • Access to recordings of previous Insiders' Secrets and Tips webinars
  • Access to all our online training modules
  • BiteFX Marketing Media Kit - for your website
  • BiteFX Monthly Marketing Tools for the Occlusion-Aware Practice
  • Cancel any time
  • 6-month Full Money-Back Guarantee

But you can start for only $1 - see below!

Are There Any BONUSES?

Yes! – Though right now, it's just for those signing up for Platinum Membership.

Curtis Group has prepared a patient brochure for us that's a great way of ensuring existing and new patients, and their friends, are aware that you can help solve a variety of uncomfortable occlusion-related symptoms.

Creating this brochure yourself would cost you at least $1,000 in graphic artist and copywriting fees and that's not even figuring in the cost of printing (minimally $157) or the value of your time and frustration in getting it produced.

Patient Brochure

We'll ship you 100 full-color, glossy, tri-folded brochures ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • Have this brochure available in your waiting area.
  • Put it in the hands of each new patient.
  • Have your receptionist ask existing patients if they know anyone suffering from the symptoms listed as you want to get the word out that there is relief available.
  • Give brochures to GPs in your area to make sure they know you can help patients with these symptoms.
Picture of A Better Way

You’ll receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Peter Dawson’s autobiography “A Better Way” (retail price $39.90).

  • The autobiography of the person described by many as the “world’s most famous dentist”!
  • This is the story of an amazing life which we can all learn from and enjoy.
We’ll also include some other useful BiteFX "goodies" in your welcome pack.

The BiteFX 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Finally I want to make sure that you know that we stand by our program and want you to be fully satisfied with BiteFX.

If, for any reason, you decide in the first 6 months that the BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle is not working for you, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership and cheerfully refund all your payments.

All that we ask is that you have taken at least one, FREE QuickStart coaching session before making that decision – you owe it to yourself to make sure you've at least tried BiteFX before quitting. I'm sure you'll agree that's a reasonable condition for both of us.

With this money-back guarantee and the ability to cancel at any time, you have no risk in trying BiteFX.

PLUS you get to keep our free gifts either way.


We are extending to website visitors an offer we usually save for exhibits or special follow-up campaigns.

You can start your BiteFX membership for just $1 for the first month!

Any membership level – just $1!

If you choose Platinum membership, you receive:

  • Free QuickStart coaching
  • Access to all the recordings of BiteFX Insiders’ Secrets and Tips webinars
    (a library of teaching that would cost you thousands to obtain by any other means)
  • Access to all the marketing tools library
    (ads, brochures, videos, radio ads, marketing tips, multiple discount offers) – many items in the library would cost you over $1,000 if you tried to put them together yourself
  • The Platinum Member’s Welcome Package with 100 patient brochures ($157 value)
  • The Basic Rules of Occlusion book by Dr. Michael Racich ($59 value)
  • BiteFX Reminder pens
  • Occlusion Practice Growth DVD ($297 value)
  • 8GB USB Flash Drive with Best of 2014 Webinars($297 Value)
  • And more!

All to help you start for just $1!

(But we trust you won’t just order Platinum membership for the welcome package if you don’t intend to become a Platinum member.)


BiteFX Basic Membership

  • Use of BiteFX on Windows (up to 8 computers)
  • Regular animation updates
  • Free software upgrades

BiteFX Gold Membership

  • Use of BiteFX on Windows (up to 8 computers)
  • Use of BiteFX on iPad
  • Regular animation updates
  • Free software upgrades
  • Access to online video training modules

BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle Membership

  • Use of BiteFX on Windows (up to 8 computers)
  • Use of BiteFX on iPad
  • Regular animation updates
  • Free software upgrades
  • BiteFX QuickStart coaching whenever you or your staff need it
  • Unlimited technical support if/when needed
  • Monthly BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips webinars
  • Access to recordings of previous Insiders' Secrets and Tips webinars
  • Access to all our online training modules
  • BiteFX Marketing Media Kit - for your website
  • BiteFX Monthly Marketing Tools for the Occlusion-Aware Practice
  • Cancel any time
  • 6-month Full Money-Back Guarantee

    Bonus for Signing-Up Now
  • 50 each of the attractive tri-fold patient brochures:
    “Headaches or Jaw Pain?”, and
    “Chipped and Worn?”
    (With options to re-order with free customization at great rates.)
  • Dr. Peter Dawson’s autobiography, “A Better Way”
  • Some other useful BiteFX “goodies”

I encourage you to act now as each week without BiteFX is costing you money and risking patients not choosing what's best for them.

I'm committed to enhancing your occlusal-based revenue,

Don Reid Signature

Donald Reid DDS,FICOI

BiteFX President

P.S. BiteFX has become an invaluable tool to hundreds of dental practices throughout the world. Now is your chance to put it to work for your practice, becoming part of the elite group of dentists who offer their patients the very best in occlusion understanding and treatment.

P.P.S. Trust you now understand how being a member of the BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle gives you:

  • Animations and software that help you convert blank stares into revenue-producing cases
  • Coaching and training to assure your success
  • Membership of a dynamic occlusion-focused community
  • Bonuses such as marketing tools designed for practices like yours
  • A no-risk, cancel-any-time, money-back guarantee

"This software is so vital in helping me move my patients forward that the cost is irrelevant compared to what is does for my practice, and my patients."

Hal Stewart, DDS, Flower Mound, Texas,
Mentor at the Schuster Center for Professional Development in Scottsdale, Arizona,
Past President, and current board member, of the Texas Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry