New Book by the Creators of BiteFX!

Foreword by Peter E. Dawson, DDS

New Book by the Founders of BiteFx!

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Welcome to BiteFX

We provide dentists with:

  • Animations, photos and a presentation tool (BiteFX) so you can explain your occlusal-based treatments quickly and effectively.
  • A community of like-minded dentists who share what they do to make their occlusion-focused practices successful.
  • Coaching and support in using BiteFX effectively so you are never alone

We also refer patients to dentists who can help them with their occlusal issues.


Overcome Patient Concerns

Patient Concerns

In this simple guide, Dr. Don Reid explains how to help patients overcome their greatest concerns of fear of pain, not having enough time to schedule the treatment or not being able to pay for the treatment.

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Free Practical Guide

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Learn from Successful Occlusion-Focused Dentists

Each month BiteFX Platinum members are treated to a presentation from an expert in occlusion-focused dentistry.
You can sample three of these webinars, and learn from these experts.

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Dr. Michael Schuster on Truth-Trust Based Selling

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Dr. Donald Reid on Top 10 Steps to Treatment Acceptance

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Dr. TJ Bolt on Starting With Why

Dubious Stare Dubious Stare Dubious Stare Dubious Stare

No More Blank Stares!

Are you one of the many dentists who have invested greatly in learning how to provide the best occlusion-aware treatment for your patients, who want your patients to understand what is best for them, only to be repeatedly frustrated by those blank stares that say “I just don’t get it”?

That is precisely the situation Dr. Don Reid found himself in many years ago. He had learned from the best, was ready to practice ...

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Get Understanding Smiles!

... excellent dentistry, but he struggled to bring enough patients to the point of understanding and commitment.

Click the button below to read how Dr. Reid stopped the blank-stare-induced flow of cash out of his pocket, boosted his success, had happier patients, increased referrals and has set things up so you can achieve the same results – GUARANTEED – with NO Risk!


Find a Dentist Who Understands
Your Pain/TMJ/Bite Issues

Jaw Pain Front teeth meeting Hot nerves Breaking teeth TMJ Pain Canines touching Jaw pain headache

Do your teeth keep breaking?

Do you have recurring headaches that haven’t been explained?

Do your facial muscles ache when you wake up in the morning?

Have your teeth not felt right since you had orthodontic work?

Have you seen our videos explaining how some of these problems are caused by bite (occlusion) issues?

Dentists who use our product, BiteFX, understand the factors that may be causing your problems.

Because of their understanding, they may be able to help you where others can’t and can certainly give you top class dental work.

Click the button below to ask for BiteFX dentists in your area.


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