Occlusion Success Webinar Series

We have put together select presentations from three expert dentists (Dr. Michael Schuster, Dr. Don Reid, and Dr. T.J. Bolt) so you can hear for yourselves how they unlocked the secret of success for their practices, enjoying less stress, lower staff and overhead costs, bigger cases, and a reduced work week schedule.
Extracted from the BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips Webinar that is exclusive to Platinum Insiders' Circle members, we're giving you this rare opportunity to hear for yourself what these experts have to say — just click on the button below to accelerate your occlusion success!

Overcoming Patient Fears

Many excellent dentists do less dentistry than they should because they don't know how to help their patients deal with their biggest concerns. In this free guide Dr. Reid explains how he helps patients over their biggest hurdles of fear, time and money.

Overcoming Patient Concerns of Fear Time Money

About BiteFX

BiteFX is dedicated to the development of presentation tools that provide occlusion-focused dentists with the exceptional ability to explain complex occlusal concepts to their patients, create better patient understanding of their disease, and increase practice productivity and revenues.

We Provide Dentists:

  • A software product with a rich portfolio of intuitive animations and clinical photographs that help you explain occlusal disease quickly and effectively
  • Personalized training and ongoing support program that ensure you'll get the best outcomes from your BiteFX-supported consultation
  • Access to a group of like-minded dentists and expert advice that will help you maximize your occlusion-focused practice success

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Contemporary Product Solutions conducted a thorough review of BiteFX covering: Patient and Clinician Satisfaction, Ease of Use, Technical Support, Convenience and Affordability.
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