BiteFX Marketing Media Kit

You know that BiteFX animations significantly increase your patients' understanding of their dental problems, add credibility to your treatment recommendations, and help grow practice revenues. The BiteFX Marketing Media Kit lets prospective clients know you use this very special and invaluable consulting aid to help them understand complex occlusion issues.

The media kit consists of pre-configured templates and a brief narrated animation sample that provide your website visitors with a clear description of the BiteFX product and how it helps them. Moreover, the templates can be modified to suit your own personal style and are easily integrated into your existing web page.

Specific elements:

  • BiteFX product description text template that can be customized to suit your communication style and message
  • 50 second video that provides prospective patients with examples of BiteFX animations
  • BiteFX website link to allow visitors to learn more about BiteFX
  • BiteFX logo
  • 3 months free inclusion in the BiteFX dentist's referral page
Outside USA::
(+1) 530-582-1189

What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX has been an amazing addition to our consultation experience! Our patients, both new and existing, have given rave
— Richard Rogers, DDS
One of the best tutorials I've seen for explaining occlusal disease to patients. The reasons for occlusal therapy are explained with excellent animations and anatomic accuracy.
— Peter Dawson, DDS
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