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Comments on BiteFX from Dental Professionals

"One of the best tutorials I've seen for explaining occlusal disease to patients. The reasons for occlusal therapy are explained with excellent animations and anatomic accuracy."
Peter Dawson, DDS
"BiteFX is so well put together. It's simple and easy to use - you just click on what you want. The animations are easy to follow. BiteFX will help patients understand what they need to know about occlusion and why they need treatment."
Glenn Gittelson, DDS, Founder and Director of The Center for Implant Prosthetic Education and Training
"Thanks for the BiteFX software it is absolute magic and just what I have been wishing for for the past 20 years! Brilliant, thanks for making my life easier and helping patients too!"
Charley Varipapa, DDS


"I've been using the heck out of BiteFX and I love it! They say a picture says a thousand words and it sure is… Patients really enjoy that explanation."
T. J. Bolt, DDS
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"Within the first 2 weeks of using BiteFX in my practice, I had 2 patients make appointments for further bite analysis and 2 patients make appointments for bite equilibration. BiteFX made occlusion case presentations so much easier and understandable."
Fred Peck, DDS, Cincinnati, OH


"BiteFX is an awesome, revolutionary product."
Steve Killian, CDT Killian Dental Ceramics


"I've been really impressed with the results of the BiteFX program… patients really respond well to the BiteFX animations."
Sandy Minderman, RDA
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"BiteFX enables me to gain acceptance for proceeding with occlusal analysis and its explanations for my patients. It unlocks the mystery of abfractions, tooth fracture and muscle pain with my patients. It helps me gain acceptance for my treatment plans as well."
Dr. John Cloud, Little Rock, AR


"Using BiteFX was so easy."
Mike Viale, DDS


"Once I saw the animation of BiteFX it explained completely what was going on with my mouth breaking teeth, recession. BiteFX helped me see visually what I knew was going on with my mouth but no one else was explaining to me."
Susan Beeman, DA/Patient
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Comments on BiteFX from Patients

"Using BiteFX my dentist showed me how my lower jaw was designed to be in a different position. I immediately scheduled for a full mouth of much needed cosmetic dentistry."
Barbara Harwin, Patient


"I was actually reluctant to believe it .. but he [Dr. Reid] did have the visual evidence [BiteFX] and had a good explanation… was very convincing."
Don Carr, Patient
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"When my dentist used the animations to show me the reason all of my back teeth were worn down and loose, I immediately accepted his entire treatment recommendations. I'd never seen such a logical explanation. It made total sense."
Frank Holt, patient


Comments on BiteFX QuickStart

"Love it! Love it! Love it! BiteFX has been a fantastic addition to our treatment process. The QuickStart personal training we received was awesome. QuickStart provided us with excellent and seamless integration information that enabled our practice to start using BiteFX immediately."
Raj Upadya, DMD - Florham Park, NJ

"BiteFX has been an amazing addition to our consultation experience! Our patients, both new and existing, have given rave reviews. The QuickStart personal training allowed us to maximize the potential of the software. The cost for this personal training is minimal, and it allowed us to get through the learning curve quickly, and bring BiteFX to our patients immediately."
Richard Rogers, DDS – Frederick, MD

"Typically when we buy a new product we're normally on our own to learn how to use it. By purchasing the QuickStart training, we were able to quickly integrate BiteFX into our consultation and were able to use it with more confidence right away. BiteFX is such a great tool to use to explain the fundamentals of occlusion for patients and QuickStart got us off to a great start."
Ilene Chiotti, Office Manager – Bradi Boyce DDS, Sebewaing, MI

"The QuickStart training was literally "quick". We were able to schedule it without delay and the trainer worked with us individually and as a team to complete the training program. The QuickStart training showed us how to customize the BiteFX consultation for each individual patient. We have now integrated the BiteFX software into all of our operatories so that each patient can see their own photographs in addition to the BiteFX animations to optimize the consultation process. QuickStart was worth every penny we paid for the training program."
Teresa Brenner, Office Manager - Robert Demboski DDS, Akron, OH

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BiteFX has been an amazing addition to our consultation experience! Our patients, both new and existing, have given rave
— Richard Rogers, DDS
BiteFX is a fantastic tool for explaining occlusion, TM joint function and dysfunction to my patients. I would not practice without it!
— Ian W. Tester DDS, MSc
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